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The automotive market is always fast-changing, and leaps and bounds have been made in the past couple of decades concerning both diesel and gasoline engines. With gasoline-powered trucks achieving more power than ever, purchase costs being lower, and fuel costs at an all-time low, many fleets are switching over to gasoline-powered fleets. However, diesel still offers some distinct advantages - it really depends on what you're looking for for your fleet of vehicles. Here are some points to consider, from Professional Fleet Maintenance in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

How Do Gas-Powered Engines Differ From Diesel Engines? - In terms of power, gasoline engines tend to have the advantage - but torque is really your main concern when considering a diesel. Diesels offer far superior ability on the low end; a gas-powered truck might exceed the power a diesel produces in the high RPM range, but from a dead standstill, diesels win no contest.

For that reason, diesel-powered engines make for better "workhorse"; vehicles. The addition of better and more efficient fuel systems and turbochargers have shed much of the downside to operating a diesel in the upper RPM range, compensating for the inherent power imbalance between diesel and gas. Since diesels have a much easier time in stop and go situations, they don't wear out as fast as gasoline engines either.

What Benefits Do Diesels Offer in Terms of Idle Time? - A distinct advantage of diesel power over gasoline power is its ability to idle for extended periods of time. Diesel engines are capable of idling for thousands of hours without being subjected to the same wear and tear a gasoline engine would endure. Diesels are also extremely fuel-efficient at idle - diesel fuel is actually more efficient than gasoline, typically delivering at least 25 percent better fuel economy than gas engines, and it takes less fuel to keep a diesel engine running since it converts fuel into energy more effectively. In fleet situations where idling is a necessary part of the job, diesels make more sense. Delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, and trucks that power electronics see high idle times, and in these situations diesel engines are better suited for the task.

How Durable is a Diesel Engine? - Diesel-powered vehicles spend most of their time in the low RPM range, which translates into far less wear and tear. They're more slow and steady where gas engines require a lot of winding up to get the job done. In addition, diesels are typically built for heavy-duty work and longevity, whereas gas engines are built as lightweight and frictionless as possible. If proper maintenance is observed, nearly every component on a diesel engine is going to last longer and resist wear more effectively than a gas engine will.

While diesel-powered vehicles get a bit of ire from problems associated with turbochargers and high-pressure fuel systems, it certainly beats an engine replacement. Many gas engines on the road today are employing diesel technology like direct injection and turbocharging and will see many of the same issues going forward. Overall, diesel engines are still the powerhouse of choice for most fleet applications. They are simply better in situations where work performance is more important than going fast or initial cost.

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