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At Professional Fleet Maintenance in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, maintaining your fleet and keeping your business reliably on the road is our primary focus. As trucks wear out, and they always do, you will inevitably be faced with this dilemma - “Should I fix this truck, or replace it with a new one?” This isn’t always an easy question to answer. As your fleet specialists, our team here at Professional Fleet Maintenance is here to help you decide.

What is a truck worth? - Obviously, a big part of deciding whether or not to repair a truck depends on what the truck is worth. There are a couple of factors to consider here. If the truck wasn’t broken, is it one you’d like to keep? If you like the truck and it serves its purpose, it’s often better to stick with a vehicle you know the history of and you’re familiar with. 

How much will it cost to repair the truck? - If the truck has multiple expensive issues that need correcting, the cost might outweigh the benefit. Most trucks are worth replacing an engine. However, if the truck is rusty, extremely high mileage, needs an engine, a transmission, and a differential, you might be better off replacing it.

How much is a new truck? - Trucks are expensive, and they haven’t changed dramatically over the years. There aren’t a lot of advantages to upgrading to a brand new truck if it’s possible to avoid it, and some would argue there are specific advantages to keeping older trucks on the road (looking at you, emission systems.) It really depends on how specialized the truck is, what the cost of fixing your truck is, and how much a new one costs.

What if it's a high mileage vehicle? - There aren’t necessarily any clear cut answers here. However, mileage on large fleet vehicles is rarely an indicator of what condition it’s in. It really comes down to how well the truck has been maintained. Trucks are designed to last hundreds of thousands of miles, much more so than passenger vehicles, and are designed not to be disposed of every decade or so. Another factor is what the truck has been used for. If it’s spending it’s time idling, towing, or in cities where hours are racked up and miles arent, the mileage likely doesn’t reflect the condition of the truck. Likewise, a truck with a relatively easy life that spends its time on the interstate can easily hit half a million miles and still be going strong.

Is Repowering Worth the Cost? - It can be expensive to repower a truck. However, it’s often only a tenth of the cost of replacing one. As long as you repower with a reputable manufacturer or rebuilder that offers a good warranty, it’s typically well worth the investment.

In any case, it’s a good idea to consult a professional before making a decision, since every scenario is a little different. We are more than happy to help you weigh out your options. For the best diesel and fleet maintenance and repair shop in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, we’ve got you covered. No matter your needs, Professional Fleet Maintenance is here to help.


Thank you for visiting Professional Fleet Maintenance in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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